Students - Completing a Time Card

Step 1) Check your email

On the day you work, you'll receive an email like this one:

Step 2) Click "Fill out your time card"

When you click "Fill out your time card", a new window will open with your time card to fill out.

Step 3) Fill out your time card

Section 1: Supervisor

If you work with more than one person at your company, choose who you worked with that day. If you only have one supervisor, you won't be able to choose someone else.

Section 2: Hours

Select the time you began work and when you completed your work day. Round your time to the nearest 15 minute selection. If your lunch break was longer or shorter than 1 hour, choose that time as well.

Section 3: Today's Activities

Enter a description of what you did at work. This will be shared with your supervisor and the corporate work-study team.

Step 4) Submit your time card

You're done! Great job! You've submitted your time card for today. You'll get an email "receipt" with the information you filled out.

After you submit your time card

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