Creating a New Employment - Classic

It is best practice to create a new employment for a student every time she changes to a different partner, rather than edit an existing employment.

  1. Navigate to the student's page and click the New Employment button.

  2. The record type will default to Work Study, which applies to all employments other than those in which the student is compensated directly (i.e. employments over school breaks).  Click the Continue button. 

  3. For Partner, Primary Supervisor, and Term, use the magnifying glass icon to locate existing accounts, contacts, and school terms. 

    If you haven't created the needed account for "Partner," contact for "Primary Supervisor," or term yet, do that before creating the new employment.

  4. Use the drop-down menus to choose the appropriate Work Day [a], Start Date, and End Date [b]. Leave the "Outcome" field blank, unless you are creating an employment that ended in the past.

  5. If you student works with multiple coworkers, you can add additional supervisors now, or you can choose to add alternate supervisors later.

  6. You can type anything into the Employment Name field, which will auto-populate once you save the employment.  Click the Save button.

  7. In the "Employments" section of the student's page, you can see that the system automatically formatted the "Employment Name" to match the system's naming conventions.

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