Sending Missed-Day Time Cards - Classic

Sending Time Cards

When you want to send time cards for make-up days to a specific group of students, the easiest way to do so is from the Missed Days tab.

You must send these time cards on the make-up day itself. Do not send the time card ahead of time and future date it.

  1. Click on the Missed Days tab at the top of your screen.

  2. Near the top left of your screen, locate the View options. Click on the drop-down and choose All Unresolved Days. Click the Go! button.

    This view displays all missed days that have not been resolved (such as by having been worked or excused).

  3. For all students who are working today's make-up day, check the box next to their names on the list. If a student appears more than once, that student has more than one day to make up. Select only one missed day per student.

    You can sort by any of the available columns. For example, if you find it easier to locate students by their last name, rather than by the date they missed work, you can click on the "Student" column heading to sort by student name.

  4. Click on the Send Make-Up Time Cards button at the top of the list.

  5. The checked students have now received a time card to complete, just as they would on a regular work day. In the Time Cards by Date tab, they will show up with a make-up day icon to the right of their rows.

What Happens to the Missed Day


Until the student fills out the time card, it isn't considered resolved. Instead, that missed day is considered pending. You can find pending missed days in the  Pending Resolution list view under the Missed Days tab.


Once the student completes the time card, the  Outcome of the missed day automatically changes to Worked. You can see this update on the student page. Note that the make-up day time card shows up in the Time Cards list, and that time card number is the same as the Resolved By field in the Missed Days section.

Under the Time Cards by Date tab, you also can see the updated Outcome in the Missed section for the date of the original missed day.

If the Student Didn't Go to Work

If the student doesn't fill out the time card for a make-up day, then it'll remain in the Pending Resolution list view under the Missed Days tab. You can ask the student about it, and if s/he didn't go to work, just delete the make-up day time card.

  1. Find the missed day in the Pending Resolution list view. Click on the time card number in the Resolved By column.

  2. This will bring up the time card that was to resolve this missed day. Delete this time card by clicking on the Delete button. The student will be unable to fill out the previously-issued make-day time card.
  3. The missed day automatically will return to the All Unresolved Days list.

If the student didn't go to work but still completed the time card, hopefully the student's supervisor will alert you once s/he receives the time card approval e-mail. You may want to keep the completed time card for your records, but manually can change the missed day outcome and comments.

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